The best moment of ICC World T20 2016 so far!

Chris gayle best world cup moment
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This happened during the Sri Lanka vs West Indies match at Bangalore.
Being Gayle's "home" ground, a huge crowd turned up for the match. But unfortunately,  he got a hamstring injury while fielding and had to leave the field.
The crowd got disappointed when they saw Gayle not coming to open the innings for West Indies. They started chanting "We want Gayle, we want Gayle.."
Chris Gayle west indies vs sri lanka World t20

This continued throughout the innings and whenever a wicket fell, everyone was hoping for Gayle to come out to bat.  And finally when the 3rd wicket fell, Gayle couldn't resist the crowd's urge anymore and started walking out to bat.
But, as per the rules if a player leaves the field, he has to wait the same amount of time for which he was absent for (or until 5 wickets have fallen) to bat.
So the umpire Ian Gould came out and informed Gayle that there is still 11 minutes left and he can't go out. In fact, Gould (being a funny character himself), literally pulled Gayle and sent him back to the dressing room.
best World T20 2016 moment
West Indies were in a comfortable position and they could have won easily without Gayle (they did eventually). But Gayle was so desperate to bat for his "home" crowd despite his injury. This shows how much this man is loved by people in this part of the world and how much he loves them back.. Definitely one of the best moments of the world cup.
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